Thursday, May 15, 2008

Take a Virtual Writing Retreat with Varda Branfman

My virtual writing retreats are designed to develop your writing voice and charter a journey to your inner world. In a virtual retreat, you can immerse yourself in your writing without having to travel away from home and disrupt your daily life.

You’ll receive personalized writing catalysts and my responses to the exercises by e-mail for five consecutive days or one catalyst and my response per week for five consecutive weeks, whichever fits best into your schedule.

Discover how guided writing can be used for gentle healing and transformation, as you explore your internal landscape and tune up your writing.

One participant wrote: “I had fun, honed my writing skills, and touched down on my personal imagery. Varda’s a great, wise spirit and guide.”

And from a woman after completing her sixth retreat: “This past retreat was so, so wonderful. I always marvel how I land up at such a different address than the one I previously imagined I'd be at.”

Please contact me at for further information. A short description of how the retreats work was posted here on May 15, '08, and a more detailed description was posted on October 31, '07.

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Nothing is Lost and Nothing is Wrong

A relief to know that whatever you write goes into building the foundation of what’s coming up. It goes into the site of your constructing. It’s needed, although no one else, and sometimes not even you, know why. But since you can’t build a house in the air, you have to stand it on something, and the area that you stand it on can have the pieces and remnants of other construction attempts and revisions.

You may need to write ten poems in order to get to the eleventh which finally stands on its own without wobbling. It may be so solid because of what it came after, and what’s underneath it on the ground and three feet under the ground. Since every builder in a northern climate knows that the frost line is three feet down in the ground, and if you want to build a house that doesn’t shift and move, you’ve got to pour your foundation down there under.

You don’t fear rejection because you know that you have your own reasons for writing what you write. And you, yourself, will not reject your attempts to “get it,” because they are all feeding into the process of what you trust will finally stand.